About Us

Sparkle & Shine


Shimmer & shake, prance and dance. Be magical, mystical & majestic. 

Be a unicorn. The childhood of a little girl is a kaleidoscope of fun, colour and craziness and Unicorn Wishes hope to capture that through quality clothing & accessories. Our style screams fun, playdates with friends, sparkly birthdays, ice cream on summer holidays and every rainbow in between.

And of course Unicorns!

Built For Play


When we think about our childhoods, we think of exploring, playgrounds,  and adventures built on imagination. Our designs  reflect those memories of our younger days. We know that clothes should  put the "fun" in functional. That's why we make sure our clothes will  last through playdate after playdate 

Be Unicorn Be Unique


Each unicorn is a one of a kind. It accepts itself for who it is. Sparkles, rainbow glitter, horn and all. See the magic in individuality don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Believe in yourself, believe anything is possible and believe in Unicorns.